Release Engineering

We believe that Release Engineering is a competency in itself.  We are steeped in Software Development and we use these same concepts in Release Engineering.  We have seen a lot of solutions that are over engineered, handed off to the new guy, and patched by multiple people over time.  This combination has serious limitations and will make software releases incredibly stressful.  We have been on the never-ending weekend conference call of troubleshooting deployment/install issues.  We have found that a designed solution from start-to-finish will give you a reliable, rock-solid, predictable migration through the environment stack so Production releases are painless.  We have successfully deployed and installed software to 100’s of servers on release weekend in under 10 minutes.

Environment Overview

This is one simple example of code migration through the environment stack and we tailor the solution to the client needs.  Our solution works from small to Enterprise server farms.  Our goal is 10 minute deployments with no downtime.  Our shining achievement is fully functional web/app tier deployments from a clean VM in under 30 seconds.  This includes setting up IIS, Setting up 5 web sites with separate IP Addresses, separate ports, unique certificates per site, 14 web applications, File System setup, and ACL Permissions.

Our process emphasizes simplicity.  We believe that Release Engineering is a process of subtraction rather than addition.  We favour tools that are built into the OS which minimizes support of both tools and the application.  We use the Build/Package/Release pattern combined with Build-Once/Deploy-Many pattern.  These simple patterns allows granular components to be installed in a self-contained manner.  We strive to build a working system from a clean operating system to allow flexibility and scalability.  When it comes to Release Engineering less is definitely more.  It has taken many years to have confidence in the simplicity of our solution.